Meet The Brotherhood -

Bill and Bob Ehalt started to form the band in 2008.  The focus was to create a cover project, but do it in a way that gives the bandit's own identity.  Allowing the the individuals to shine while allowing the band to have a voice of it's own.   Tom Latham was introduced as the original drummer for the band,  As time moved on, Jim Pino became the mainstay Saxophone player and Rob Liptrot throwin' down the bottom end on Bass.  Doug Marino on the keys, had been the newest addition, until the recent change up on the drum throne. Omar Sanchez introduced a whole new energy to the foundation of this band. It is a band, comprised of seasoned musicians with awareness and dynamics to engange the audience and keep them involved and dancing from start to finish.  

Having performed together for more than 10 years the Brotherhood has been bringing you music from the likes of Stevie Wonder, James Brown and P-Funk.  In addition, a mixture of original tracks to expand the horizons of the audience.  This band will get you up and moving and keep you totally dialed in!!!